This is the extraordinary revolution everyone has been waiting for to have perfect, always manicured nails

The aesthetics scientist during the coronavirus emergency focused a lot on strengthening all body elements that were not covered by the mask.

For this reason, most people have taken care of their eyes a lot in their beauty routine, enhancing them with makeup and the use of false eyelashes. And also the nail segment has a proper push to improve a manicure that is ideal to be applied in a short time and it can resist much more than all other types.


The concept is based on an extraordinary revolution that everyone has expected to have perfect, always manicured nails. An innovative system that allows you to lengthen, fill in, repair or shape natural nails.

This is the extraordinary revolution everyone has been waiting for to have perfect, always manicured nails

One of the latest trends in nail polish is the natural effect that can be obtained by applying a transparent gel. Reconstructing nails with clear gel creates a plastic and neutral effect, perfect for all occasions.

A well-known company has created a new way of looking at manicure by applying a sophisticated gel that has an effect similar to Reticulum. In addition to the natural effect, it can strengthen, repair and lengthen short nails, with easy-to-apply nail polish that lasts for a long time.

What’s the secret to getting the latest fashion using the freshness of the moment?

With this type of gel you can experiment with creative nail art shapes with effects of color and transparency or leave it simple and neutral with applying stickers.

In addition to the nail art described above, it is now a classic, using this type of transparent gel you can perform one of the newest direction, Laminated nail art. This type of decoration will allow you to insert elements that are not very thick, which will be combined into the transparent gel with an unusual effect.

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