This is in the center of the planet

What is at the center of the earth. Technology passion

A team of scientists made a new discovery while studying the center of the Earth.

since discovery spherical Earth People wondered what could be in it. In fact, according to some, Pythagoras already around 500 B.C. hypothesized that the Earth was flat, simply by observing the line separating the lights and shadows on the moon.

The circumnavigation of the globe by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who set off in 1519, is known as The first practical test of the shape of the planetdespite the fact that Martin Behem had already created the first spherical sphere, Erdapfel, in 1492.

From that moment on, a number of myths and legends appeared What could be in the center of the planet. The question fascinated artists and writers, such as Jules Verne who published in 1864 the famous Journey to the Center of the Earth, a science-adventure novel in which he imagined the journey of a scientist and his collaborators.

Secret What is under the earth’s crust It set in motion a series of suggestions, in fact many authors place the kingdom of the underworld there, from Zeus of ancient Greece to Dante’s Inferno.

What is at the center of the earth

Today, we know the real Earth Center It is called the nucleus and is located approx 6,370 kilometers below the surfaceIts radius is about 1,221 km and it is solid, with a temperature between 5,000 and 6,500 degrees Celsius. Scientists have discovered the news of the past few days kind of frost outside the central nucleus.

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Earth's core is the center of the Earth's crust
Earth formation center. Technological passion

the Earth Center It is inaccessible to humans that is why scientists use seismic waves to understand its formation, and wave surveys allow us to understand the state (solid, liquid or gas) and in what state the different layers of the nucleus are.

During recent surveys, scientists have become aware of an important, previously unseen anomaly. In practice, it seems There is a kind of “snowfall” that occurs in the center of the Earth Because of a certain chemical and physical phenomenon. To study this phenomenon, it was reproduced in the laboratory and the frost appears to consist of silicon crystals that form when hydrogen meets iron. These crystals are pushed out of the nucleus and settle into the spaces and cavities around it. This discovery has been defined as essential by scientists who can finally provide answers to some as yet unresolved questions and possibly inspire some new magical tales.

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