This is how “Young Italy” grows in tennis

[2] c. Rod B. J.Souza 7-6 (3) 4-6 7-6 (1)

one more time Casper Roadfor the second year in a row is the champion Geneva Openthe last ATP 250 (along with Lyon where he triumphed Cameron Norrie) by Roland Garros. An intense match, never unpredictable, with many beautiful tennis moments, the one that saw the victory of the number 8 in the world. Joao Sousa. Many advantages certainly belong to the Portuguese, who never gave up and displayed strong and always aggressive tennis, playing the seed rather than the underdog for most of the match. In the end, the opponent’s caliber, and better management for certain moments of stealth, made the former No. 28 in the world collapse the moment he was sent for the match, denying him a second career win over the Red after one in.Estoril In 2018. For the Norwegian, it is instead the eighth title of his career (250 people), the seventh title on earth, and therefore presents himself in Paris as an obstacle for everyone, given the excellent performance period, and especially the mentality, shown in these three hours A marathon in the Swiss fields.

The full ATP 250 scoreboard in Geneva

the match – Initially, Rudd is very efficient serving (up to two yards in the first half) and also asserts himself with a forehand. Souza would like to shorten the exchanges but the Norwegian is the first to succeed: with two excellent wins via the right, he presses the opponent and breaks in the third game, ending with a foul from Sousa, who still manages to stay on his heels. , but should also hope for a (always rare) gift from the opponent. The Portuguese plays well, very accurate and heavy from the bottom, but on the other hand, the Norwegian digs the difference by serving with an overwhelming majority, making this very small empty pass from Sousa a killer. However, a hand from No. 8 already reaches the world, which is below 0-40 with three errors in a row: again here is the help service with three consecutive winners, which is also used to open the field later and bring the game home. Joke then becomes Souza’s valuable ally in the ninth inning, which he uses to clear three set points with great calm and coolness, pressing the opponent’s backhand as best he can. Specifically the most beautiful, there is an unexpected drop in tension from Rod in the tenth inning, also caused by a sudden increase in the thrust and accuracy of the Portuguese, who was able to tear the break apart by exploiting a slight delay in the player’s movements. Ghost, to ensure that the draw is easy. In the end, although it took a little longer than expected, the semi-finalist from Roma takes the first set in the tiebreak with seven points to 3, finding little thrust and also taking advantage of Sousa who after the acceleration of the partial final is back to normal You can’t even find the same weight with the serve or with the forehand.

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The first three games of Group B see two advantages, but no break points, with a few thoughts: Sousa is seeking more backhands from Rudd, who continues to do well, but appears to be struggling with more initiative. Discount. The Norwegian’s decline was very visible, especially in the push, and materialized with the break in the fifth, where he falls too short and does not find stability, allowing Sousa to attack and have a break opportunity, palpable after. Another foul from Rod is a foul nerve-bottom, only good for a shot, but that alone isn’t enough. The first ring of the group for the Norwegian reaches the eighth inning, who eventually ramps up the pace a bit and presses, conquering (causing two fouls for Sousa) a break ball, canceled in advance and a shot stopped by the Portuguese, who holds a big game aggressive and proactive. And in the end, the break in the fifth game turned out to be crucial, given that Joao Sousa goes to close out the set 6-4, which he deserved, and plays not only in defense but also in pressing a lot throughout the set, putting a great defender like Ruud in difficultywho despite trying to change his shots and even with some good serves, is guilty of a lot of petty mistakes.

Three games at a slightly slower pace to start the deciding set, with shorter pools and Sousa losing control of shots more often, giving Rudd some peace of mind from the bottom, as he appears to have found his forehand. Again in the fifth inning, the balance was broken, always in Sousa’s favour: Rudd continues to be too light, almost shriveled and the Portuguese attacking him from both sides, confirming that the forehand was also retarded, which in fact would be a long hit that would give a break. In Match Nine, there are some glimpses of Rod that we’d come to expect, alternating between good serving and building from below, although he looks almost shy when he even has to attack, as if he no longer believes in him. But in the most beautiful arm twitching of Sousa, who lost 3 service points in the entire deciding set, and eventually suffers a break on serve for the match, falls too short and allows the Norwegian to speed up the forehand and do so. Go left and right, also taking advantage of a loose shot at the breaking point.

Clear the two match points in the 12th game for Sousa, with great courage and quality, he sent the ace and played the swap on the edge of his breath, suffering a frightening return for Rod on the side of the forehand, to return to the atomic. And in fact, the rediscovered level of the ghost in the tiebreak, first to decide the ATP Final in 2022, is confirmed: the final score will be 7 points to 1 for the Norwegian, as the Portuguese suffers from a string of victories and great direct services, the real leitmotif of Casper This afternoon. However, Joao Sousa comes out with his head very high, despite his recent tie-break leaving a bad taste in the mouth, besides regretting that he shivered from the most beautiful of it all, but he is not the first to burn his wings right below him. the sun. Rudd himself emphasizes that it is very difficult to break, and it is often underestimated. A true representative of a saying that should be propagated in every tennis school: “The game is only lost when we stop tryingAnd today, more than ever, it was so.

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