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Closed for a week there Virgin Gym at Via Amadeo, in City Studio. In the sports center at the end of May there was FLens covid cases. I twelve at the moment Advantages attributed to that group. One of them, a health worker Those who have already completed a course of vaccination, become infected Delta (Indian) type of virus. Another injured is in the hospital. In connection with the news circulating in recent days – Virgin writes in a note – regarding cases of Covid-19 infections detected in its Milan club Citt Studi, Virgin Active has decided to close, as a precaution for a week Starting tomorrow, June 17th, a structure that involves the primary objective of protecting the health of customers and employees.

The decision to close the club was not issued by the health authorities On June 15, they did an examination but found no omission to safety rules. This decision was made while waiting for ATS to complete contact tracing activity for club visitors, made possible by timely registration of Virgin Active check-ins at its facilities. The company took the decision to close the club despite confirming the results of the inspection conducted by Ats itself yesterday Full compliance with infection control protocols From Virgin Active.

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June 16, 2021 | 13:40

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