This is how the UK closes its doors to Italian graduates

Rome, May 17 – Il United kingdom will launch private visa For students graduating from the best universities in the world, but in the list drawn up by the Government of London, there is not even an Italian who does not have sufficiently high positions in the world rankings. After Brexit, it is possible to enter the British territory, except for tourists, only if you already have a work contract in your pocket and meet the minimum requirements (including a minimum wage of about 30 thousand euros per year), now the country of the Queen Enact a two-year visa for some A person with high potentialAlumni of prestigious universities.

Italian universities are back in the ranking

The British have put in order the most important thing Prestigious Universities Based on the Times Higher Education Rankings, the QS World University Rankings, and the Academic Ranking of World Universities. In these three rankings, Italian universities do not get good results, and recognized franchises such as Normale di Pisa, Bocconi or Politecnico di Milano, too poor according to the London rankings, are not enough. Ironically, young graduates in Italy can be very good Exploited as waiters and waiters But they cannot obtain a study merit visa. This strategy implemented by Great Britain is part of the process of attracting highly skilled immigrants, against the immigration model based on importing low-cost European skilled labor that has been implemented so far.

In Italy only education cuts

The consideration of Italian universities goes hand in hand with the international standing of our country, which increasingly lags behind in every possible ranking. Italy is among the last European countries to Public spending on education And in the next few years, the funds for the MIUR program will suffer a decisive cut of 4 billion, as the funds for education in the new DEF It was still discounted. Keep going cuts And any public educational programs will only aggravate the situation in our country.

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