This is how often you should wash your hands and shower according to science

Cleaning has always been a very important issue. It has become more than that since the outbreak of the epidemic. In fact, we all understood that the key to avoiding the spread of virus It consists of social distancing, wearing masks and finally sanitizing hands. These in particular should not come in contact with mucous membranes. Likewise, it is also important to keep the body as clean as possible. To make sure you are maintaining the right standards, there are rules to follow. Today we explain what it is. This is how often you should wash your hands and shower according to science. Let’s see together if our personal hygiene routine is working or if we need to change our habits about it.

This is how often you should wash your hands and shower according to science

To answer this question, thehumanities. According to dermatologists, it is possible to take a daily shower, provided that it does not take too long. It is actually said that if it is done on a daily basis, it should not exceed five minutes on the hour. This is because it would irritate our skin which regulates itself against external factors. In fact, constant cleaning and creating a sterile environment would therefore be counterproductive.


The same goes for the hands. Excessive washing would eliminate the so-called “resident plants”, which are useful for warding off infections and other skin problems. The same goes for antiseptic gel It is now an inevitable presence in all handbags. Therefore, sterilization of hands must be carried out strictly before sitting at the table and then at other separate times of the day. Speech, if expanded, is also valid for home environments. Thus, the green light leads to routine household chores, but without acquisitions.

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American studies about it

But Americans think differently. A dermatological study published by several journals actually indicates that you only shower twice a week. However, there are no online reviews of scientific sites confirming this assertion. Instead, there is research to suggest that it’s best to just wash with soap and leave in the antibacterial that kills some of the bacteria important to our skin’s well-being. This letter takes the letter found in the source we have reported.


This is how often you should wash the sheets and make the bed according to science

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this article, which can be referenced Who is the”)

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