This is how much a professional boxer earns

Boxing is a sport that has long fascinated many people, regardless of gender or age. Normally we are used to seeing boxers covered in gold even for just one match, however How much does a professional boxer really earn? Here are some numbers in Italy and in the rest of the world.

This is how much a professional boxer earns

In Italy, a boxer does not receive a fixed monthly salary unless he is an athlete in the Italian Armed Forces, in which case the salary is proportional to the rank within the military corps.

On average, a professional boxer in Italy, You can earn between 400 and 1500 euros per meetingBut in many cases more than that. If you consider that a sports player can only play one match a week and maybe even a month, then the earnings are relatively low.

A professional boxer, unless he decides to fight at a high level, will not be able to make a living from boxing, but he will only be able to make ends meet.

Although it may seem almost impossible to live in boxing, it is no longer the case in 2023 and more generally in the age of social networks. Many professional boxers manage to earn a lot thanks to Sponsorship of sports products. A strong boxer with good vision can partner with several companies that allow him to make steady and additional profits.

The discourse in other parts of the world is different. If in Italy boxing matches are paid relatively little, in countries such as the United States of America (USA), the fees are even higher.

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Matches between boxers who occupy the first positions in the national or international rankings They can generate millionaire income.

Obviously, this is related to investments in boxing. In the United States of America, boxing is one of the most popular sports hence there is a tendency to increase investment in this sector. In Italy, on the other hand, boxing is still considered a specialized sport and therefore the investments are lower.

What happened to Daniel Skardina?

In recent days there is a lot of talk about boxing because A disease accused by boxer Daniele Scardina. The 30-year-old from Rozzano was training when he suddenly passed out.

Skardina was preparing for the match that was supposed to be played on March 24 against him Cedric SpiraBelgian boxer.

The Rozzano boxer was immediately hospitalized and underwent emergency surgery at the Humanitas Clinic. Unhinge now He is in a coma and his condition is serious but stable and even starting to improve.

The news spread across the web and in newspapers and many people connected to the world of entertainment decided on it Express your closeness to the boxer in this difficult moment.

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