This is how Fiorentina’s opponent plays in the Conference final-

Only once in his country History for centuries he is gone On the verge of winning the Premier League, thirty-seven years ago. the West Ham, a legendary club from East London, wearing a burgundy and blue shirt, boasts three FAs on its billboard, the English Cup, which Guardiola has just won at the expense of Manchester’s other team, United. Now he dreams of putting it there conference league58 years after the 1965 Cup Winners’ Cup.

Hammers, hammers, are A typical English team, both physically and gracefully for attacking play, but David Moyes, her coach, a Scotsman like Sir Alex Ferguson, who has a kind of reverence, gave her wisdom and attention, to the point that in her sparkling European trip she scored only 7 goals. West Ham’s season, much more so than rival Fiorentina, is divided into two parts: disappointing in the Premier League, Excellent at the conference. The record outside the UK is formidable: 13 wins and 1 draw, including the August playoff.

Moyes chose the 4-2-3-1 formation and will therefore face Italiano. The goalkeeper of the cup is the Frenchman Areolabut if the match continues even PenaltiesMoise might think Bring in the Polish owner Fabianski. The defense focuses on the qualities of the French Zuma, while on the very strong midfield, which gives balance to the team, next to Rice is the main idol, Tomas Soucek, former Slavia Prague player Which, before West Ham bought him, ended up on Fiorentina’s radar. Lucas Paqueta is an old acquaintance of ours, and Milan hoped he could carry on Kaka’s legacy, but perhaps they just didn’t have the patience to wait for this Brazilian who has Dribbling, running, talent and strength, he is one of the most terrifying players From Fiorentina because with his acceleration he can unbalance the game.

Doubt, towards the final, between the talented Algerian Benrahma and the more solid Spaniard Fornals who sometimes, starting from the bench, replaces Paqueta himself. Forward Antonio, 33, 6 goals in the Conference and 5 in the Premier League, the English-Jamaican naturalist, is ready to hit the bank and put Viola’s defense in crisis. The Italians are also there, but Scamaka is injured (and wants to return to Serie A) and Ogbonna will start from the bench.

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