This hidden part needs to be washed in a washing machine, but no one knows about it and it gets damaged all the time

Did you know that there is a hidden part of the washing machine that is not cleaned often? But it is precisely this that makes laundry smelly and spoils it, beware!

If we want to thank someone for the wonderful, wonderful and useful invention of Washer, This is certain Thomas Bradford, the undisputed father of this wonderful device. Although there were models of centrifuges capable of washing clothes in antiquity, it was he who created the first real one in 1860. So far, his system is not much different from the ones we all have at home.

This part of the washing machine is unknown to anyone, but you should be very careful!
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the washing machineAnd, of course, all models Needs care and maintenance, especially since several factors play a role, such as the cleanliness of the laundry, constant contact with water, and the constant production of limescale, mold or rust. A washing machine consists of several components such as the drum, the detergent drawer and the gaskets, but did you know that there A part that few people know and is responsible in most cases for unpleasant odors Or a malfunction of the whole device? Let’s find out together what it is!

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Part of the washing machine is hidden from everyone, but then we regret not finding it: that’s why

So after making sure that all washing machines consist of some very important components, we must learn how to wash them with care and attention. Just think for example of detergent drawer, which tends relentlessly to form white limestone residue mixed with the covered product, or the basket which in the long run can generate unsightly and dangerous layers of rust as it stains clothes.

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The hidden part of the washing machine
Also pay attention to the inner gaskets: they collect an artificial amount of dust and dirt that, if not cleaned properly, can harm the function of the cylinder!
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That’s why it’s always important to really get to know them There is a hidden part of the washing machine that many think is a “piece in itself”, internal or even non-existent. But what if we told you that this is exactly what spoils our clothes and prevents them from working properly?

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The piece we want to talk about today is out of reach washing machine filter! Many think it’s an interior piece or even a self-cleaning one, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, we will tell you more, many have never cleaned it and found out too late, when the damage has already occurred and you have to contact the technician who pays a large sum of money.

The washing machine filter It is usually located in a very specific part, at the bottom, on the right or on the left, while for those with a load on top, we can find it in the back. But how do we clean it up? This procedure is very simple!

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Just pull it out from the special door and disassemble it. We’ll notice a really disgusting filth, whose role is precisely to collect impurities! After taking it apart, rinse it well under lukewarm water. Let it soak in a pan with Hot water and bicarbonate For at least 30 minutes, and then, using an old toothbrush, we remove any residue. Let’s dry it and put it back in its own place. We will immediately notice a visible difference in the washed laundry and can assure you that unpleasant odors will be eliminated!

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