This cake survived an air raid in WWII

It’s the night of March 28, 1942. Here are the RAF bombers left Close to the German city of Lübeck To start a devastating bombardment of enemy territory. that day 25,000 people left homeless…but after 80 years, it looks like a bun has survived.

Three main churches were destroyed during that bombing, and about 400 tons of bombs were dropped. however, The cake was discovered inside the vault From Lübeck and still quite well known: it is an almond and hazelnut cake with a layer of icing on top.

The cake is charred and covered in soot on the outside‘ said Lisa Raine, the local director of excavations after the discovery.The temperature only reduced it to a third of its original heightThe house was owned by the family of a local merchant named Johan Werm, as the find shows An insight into German life 80 years ago.

The venue is fully outfitted for a big event, complete with a serving of porcelain to accompany the cake and even great musical entertainment provided by several gramophone recordings with classical music, including Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (by the way, did you know that AI is trying to reconstruct Beethoven’s symphony?).

This is not the first archaeological discovery made in the city of Lübeck, which is now Germany’s largest UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its incredibly well-preserved medieval center (even the ruins of Chernobyl could become a UNESCO World Heritage Site). “It took 79 years for these extraordinary contemporary witnesses… to return to the light‘, finally announced Doris Morenberg, who manages the city’s archaeological repositories.

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