This aromatic plant is excellent in cooking, health and repelling wasps and mosquitoes

During spring and summer, insects can be very annoying. Between wheezing and fear of stinging and the discomfort it causes. We risk not enjoying a relaxing moment in the garden.

These insects find the perfect habitat for breeding among plants and flowers.


Dangerous and annoying insect

Wasps in particular look a lot like bees, but are more aggressive. They are easily recognizable, because they do not have a hairy body and the abdomen is separated from the chest.

Wasp stings cause immediate pain. Redness and swelling of the affected part. Be careful, as it can cause allergic reactions.

Mosquitoes are another very annoying insect. Especially during summer nights. They breed in the warm months and find the perfect spot to be in the garden.

On the other hand, mosquito bites appear as red blisters that itch for a few days.

However, wasps and mosquitoes play a very important role insideenvironmental system. These two insects, which move from one flower to another, contribute to pollination.

This aromatic plant is excellent in cooking, health and repelling wasps and mosquitoes

Despite their important role, wasps and mosquitoes do not allow us to enjoy moments of relaxation in the garden.

We can get rid of these insects without harming them but only by using natural remedies.

First, grow this fragrant plant and place it on the windowsill, on the balcony or in the garden.

Used to flavor Italian dishes. Its leaves are rich in vitamins and flavonoids, and are used as a digestive and diuretic.

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Here is the plant in question is basil. The strong scent emanating from its leaves keeps wasps and mosquitoes away. Also, rubbing the leaves on the stings relieves pain and discomfort.

Another solution to ward off these two insects is to use basil essential oil. Put a few drops in the diffuser. We will prevent these insects from entering our home.

Here’s how this aromatic plant, excellent in the kitchen and for health, keeps wasps and mosquitoes away.

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