Thinking very tired and toxic substances accumulate in the brain. Expert tip: rest and sleep

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Therefore, according to experts, it would be better not to make important decisions when you are stressed: in these cases, the brain tends to prefer options that offer quick rewards with little effort. Researchers led by

Antonius Wheeler

To complete the study, use

Magnetic resonance spectroscopy

(Ms). and they have

Monitor brain activity over the course of a working day

. Fatigue was particularly pronounced in the groups of workers most engaged in mental activities. Despite what one might think, it is not only meant for those who work in the office, but athletes are also involved in this phenomenon: they suffer not only from physical fatigue, but above all mental fatigue due to the strong concentration required for them. Competitions. Experts found that these people had higher levels of a molecule called


there is chance

prefrontal cortex


Study authors


Also based on the results of previous studies

They claim that it is

The accumulation of glutamate is responsible for the feeling of fatigue

. make the molecule

The toughest cognitive control after a mentally tough work day.

“Rest and sleep” –

Our results show that

Cognitive work results in real career change

‘, commented

Matthias Besiglione

, one of the study authors. “So fatigue will be a signal to make us stop working to keep our brain functioning properly. Unfortunately – Bisiglio continues – I don’t think there is a way to overcome this shortcoming in our brain. I recommend the old remedy:

rest and sleep

. There is plenty of evidence, in fact, to suggest that

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Glutamate is eliminated during sleep.

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