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Things to see in the UK for an unforgettable holiday

Reserve one UK holiday This means an unforgettable trip. Because there is a lot, maybe a lot Things to see in the UKwhich consists of EnglandAnd the ScotlandAnd the northern Ireland And the Wales. After all, we are in one of the most popular destinations in Europe, with its timeless charm, a country that is able to make tourists fall in love with its history, culture and art. Let’s see where to go, the absolute must-visit places and why.

London, the UK city par excellence

It is perhaps the most representative city of the United Kingdom. And the reasons can be many, because London is, in fact, the heart of England. Of which tower up to walk in The TimesImpossible not to visit home gemwhere . can be admired crown jewels.

For those who follow Royal familyvisit to Buckingham Palace Practically a must. Actually, it’s there Royal residence in London for excellence. The advice we give is to take a leap through the so-called change of guardIt is impossible not to have this experience at least once in a lifetime.

London is a vibrant, vibrant, colorful and fascinating city. It is not only a European capital of great beauty and depth: linked to its past, it is also modern, of course, eventful. For lovers of nightlife and nightlife, SOHO It is the perfect neighborhood to spend hours of fun.

Visit the Jurassic Coast and its wonders

There are many great places to visit in the UK, but without a doubt there are jurassic coast It is unique. We are talking about 150 km alternating beaches, cliffs and outcrops, as well as villages and railways. There are many reasons to visit: we can enjoy the scenery, find fossils and visit the ruins of Corfe Castle.

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Among other things, there is still steam trains And the experience we totally recommend is Eat fish and chips right on the beach. A moment hard to forget.

Snowdonia, for intense and unforgettable experiences

For those who want to go on an adventure and have adrenaline-pumping experiences, it would be impossible not to mention it Snowdonia National Park, the third national park created in Great Britain. Of course, you can also test yourself by climbing Snowdon Mountain (But only for the most daring and trained.)

Among the experiments that absolutely must be done, we mention Visit the fictional village of PortmeirionBeside Bardsee Island. There is incredibly beautiful Cwm Idwal Nature Reserve Found in Wales: a place that is mildly suggestive, giving special feelings.

Take a few days to visit Scotland

The UK isn’t just London, and it’s a mistake to think so. Because Scotland is also worth a visit, and in particular a city Edinburghwhere the same name was found fort. It is located right on top of a hill, it is practically a historical monument and it is also possible to visit several museums.

In addition to Edinburgh, Scotland offers a lot, such as Loch Ness: Yes, the well-known “monster” site Nessie. In Loch Ness, you can discover a city InvernessBeside DorisAnd the Augustus fort And the Dromnadrochit. For fans of the genre, then, we can’t really recommend a tour of Jacobi Express: Yes, it’s Hogwart Express from Harry Potter.

For those who have to organize Holidays in ScotlandVisit, where you can find all the information about this wild land, mountain landscapes and more.

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Stonehenge and its legends: the best time

he is The global heritage. It is one of the oldest sites in the world. It has always been considered a place of pilgrimage. A sprawling site, no more than 30 kilometers long, it is nothing short of suggestive and fascinating. Stonehenge is located near the medieval city SalisburyWhich of course we recommend to visit.

Here it is possible to discover mystery, culture and history. The The best time to visit is from April to Septemberbecause from November to February the weather is not quite as nice and it can be a bit cold (not to mention the rainy months par excellence).

Go to Windsor for Castle (and beyond)

It is located just an hour from the capital, London, and is ideal for a day trip out of the city. on me Windsor Many things can be said, and it is actually one Very low cost destinationsince the only paid attraction is fort. However, we must not be mistaken in thinking that there is only a fortress to visit, because there is also a lot.

for example, Eton CollegeThe The historic center of WindsorBeside LEGOLAND. There are also many places to stop and eat on a budget, including pub And the Cafe (We suggest one at Eton) where you can find all the typical dishes of English cuisine at a totally reasonable cost.

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