Thieves steal cars in seconds with “Game Boy”, but they all end up in prison

Three car thieves she was Arrested in the UK after, after Five Mitsubishi Outlander were stolen With A device disguised as Nintendo Game Boy. Dylan Armer, Christopher Bowes and Thomas Paulson are the three people who were attached to a security camera during the theft of five SUVs in the town of Scholes on July 20.

A €23,000 device disguised as a Game Boy

The police managed to stop them thanks to a video clip, which was later shared online BBC. Device – disguised game boyThe famous consul nintendoAnd with a cover super top Just as wrong – thanks to them they stole cars It was worth about 23,000 euros. It was previously placed in a secret compartment of the car: the thieves needed to use it only to open and start the cars, which were “picked up” in a few seconds. From another video the authorities recovered, there was also a sarcastic laugh from the three thieves at the ridiculous ease with which they were able to steal the Outlanders from their owners.

Steal an SUV and run away: The Five Teens Coup VIDEO

Severe punishments were applied to all three: Armer was sentenced 30 months in prison, 22 months Instead for Bose and Paulsen.

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