Thieves shut down the gym for a year due to Covid

RECANATI – Theft in Light: The computer, CD player, and speaker all disappeared. The owner: “The gesture of a hopeless person does not seem like an orderly thing, and is a clear sign of a crisis. Thankfully, there wasn’t much damage, but after stopping we also lacked this. Now we hope to leave at least by early June. ”

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Thieves at Nour’s gym in Recanati, the electronic equipment vanished. Owner Andrea Mayolino, who returned yesterday morning a month later to the gym on Via Madonna di Varano, Cuba, learned of the theft.. It is raining in wet weather due to the gym, which has been closed for more than a year due to the epidemic. It is not clear when exactly the theft will return. Someone forcibly broke into the fire door and headed to the offices, where they searched everywhere for valuables and then took a laptop, amplifier, and CD player, but no sports equipment was touched. “It’s been a month since I returned to Recanati.” The owner says – At first, I didn’t realize why they closed the forced door after the theft. Then I saw the cameras moving towards the wall. Unfortunately they haven’t recovered because because the pandemic has stopped to contain costs we have cut the power off. Then I saw in the offices instead that they went through everything and took some things. Maybe a desperate robbery isn’t an organized thing, or a clear sign of a crisis. Thankfully, there wasn’t much damage, but after a year of hiatus, we also lacked this. Now, we hope to leave, at least by early June. ” Theft was reported to the Carabinieri.

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