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Enthusiastic about the last month of combat victories that allowed them to regain territory, the Ukrainians continue their attacks against the Russians. The most recent was launched in the south with the same goal as always, which is to regain control of the territories occupied by Mosca’s forces. The Russian Ministry of Defense was forced to admit that the clashes moved to the Milokayev region and near Andreivka in the Kherson region.

Morale is certainly high among the Ukrainians, especially after the restoration of the city of Lyman: it is a victory that caused an uproar both for the strategic importance of the city in the Donetsk region, and because it arrived a few hours after the announcement. …from the annexation of four Ukrainian regions to Russia (including the Donetsk region) by Vladimir Putin. The latter looks increasingly difficult, given that it is now clear to everyone that his own military operation has largely failed.

So much so that the Chechen leader Kadyrov sharply criticized the Russian military leaders and called on Putin to resort to other tactics, namely, tactical nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, the Ukrainians came from the United States: they did a very good job in the Kharkiv region. In the case of Kherson – announced Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense – they are going a little slower but they are making progress.”

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