“They told me I was crazy, which is why I left Reservoir Dogs”

In an interview with Libero newspaper, Teo Mamucari For the first time, he spoke farewell to Lee Ini. I left Le Iene and they told me I was crazy, in fact I only had other needs such as resuming the story and confronting the audience in a theater that had been off television for twenty years. It’s not a rebound at all but it’s a Artistic choice Made while working on TV I was doing the most watched broadcasts from Italia 1 and Tu si que vales on channel 5 ″explained the conductor who, until a few months ago, was next to Belén Rodriguez every Tuesday evening.

Why did Teo Mamucari leave Le Iene?

“I asked Italia 1 to give me a program for me. I submitted a project. They told me they were doing the evaluation. When they are ready, the door is open on both sides. But if there is no place for me to do new things, I’d rather give up the old ones too and go back to the stage.”said Teo Mamucari. about gossip about a dispute with Davide Parenti, Creator and author of Le Iene, select the conductor: “David has quarreled with all the conductors out there. I’m not saying that but the newspapers. Notwithstanding.” I didn’t argue with him. I hadn’t actually signed a contract for this year’s release yet, so I took the opportunity and lack of enthusiasm I felt to go and talk to him. Obviously, no one likes to hear it that way. But it was right to leave it to those who were at that moment more excited than me because they are doing a very good job. May they experience all the feelings that Ini has given me.”

Teo Mammucari has lost his enthusiasm for Le Iene

“I asked Belen Rodriguez who was the right person in my opinion and I wasn’t wrong. But then I realized that I had started ten years ago and had lost enthusiasm And the time has come, albeit with great regret, to make way for him who had a greater enthusiasm than me. Then Teo Mamucari confessed.

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