They take a gin and a tonic, a passenger attacks a host: a plane is forced to land in an emergency

Fear in flight: German police stop a 70-year-old woman, drag her to the ground from a plane after hitting a man Air hostess who stole it from her tonic and gin. Two police officers dragged the woman down the aisle of the plane before escorting her off the plane. The passengers of the flight, who were very frightened at first, applauded and shouted “Auf Federchen”.

The retiree, whose name has not been revealed, became aggressive and attacked a host in Jet2 on a flight from Manchester to Rhodes in Greece Before the pilots had to hijack the plane bound for Munich, Germany. It all started with the gin and tonic that was rejected for the woman, apparently already considered fermented.

The woman slapped the staff on duty on the plane. At that point, the pilot preferred to land in Monaco to bring down the old woman whom no one could stop. The video, shared with MailOnline, shows nine German police officers boarding the plane before walking down the aisle where the woman was sitting. A few seconds later, the old woman was carried away and her legs dragged to the ground.

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