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“Technologies to spy on us have evolved more and more.” Marco Camisani CalzulariTech savvy stripping news, warns the Italians of the dangers Spying programsApps that allow hackers to spy on us smart phone. “Today we always have in our pocket a device capable of recording every movement, everything we write or say, because in the end there is always microphone which may always be on. How do we do to defend ourselves? “.

MCC remembers that the goal of spies is to get into the phone and verify it. “And they exist commercial software To do this, you can buy them. And they’re in like butter.” It’s an increasingly complex program. All emails sent or received, or conversations we’ve had with hackers, are close at hand. Skype, Messenger or Whatsapp. And snapshots of each open application, or the places we’ve been. or even worse: listen or watch live Live everything we do or say if we are close to a smartphone. “And all of these spyware are for sale and are completely legal, but only if they are applied to your device to protect it in case it goes missing.”

Spyware alert, this is how they “enter” your mobile phone: watch the Striscia la Notizia video

How do you save yourself? For example, don’t leave your smartphone to someone else, “because you only need a cable to connect it to your computer, and secretly downloading the software is really very simple,” Kamisani Kalzolari warns. One of the clues to understanding if we are being spied on is to pay attention to the battery: if it wears out faster and faster, if the phone is hot and slower, this could be a symptom of spyware.

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