“They say they want dialogue, but they have nothing to say”

today A22 Sports They published an account of their visit to the headquarters UEFA in neon. The main body of European football, after the recent statements made by Bernd Richartnew statement against A22 Sports: “UEFA is currently checking the registry to see if they are talking about the same match. The ‘other executives’ they were referring to were not faceless bureaucrats, but high-level stakeholders from across European football, players, clubs, leagues and fans People who live and breathe the game every day.Not acknowledging it is disrespectful. All European football must oppose their greedy plan, as was clearly stated in our press release. European football has constantly shown its willingness to change, but it should benefit the whole game, not just some clubs.”

Richart’s comments


“The A22 wanted dialogue, so we gave them two and a half hours from all parties involved in the game and each rejected their approach. As the Football Supporters Association reported, the UK has had as many prime ministers in the past two months as many supporters of their plans. – UEFA continued. Football – They claim not to represent the remaining three clubs.They refuse to define their supposed new approach. They say they want dialogue. But when they are presented with the possibility, they have nothing to say“.

The real time for dialogue is tomorrowWhen the convention for the future of European football meets here in Nyon. National federations, clubs, leagues, coaches, players, fans, agents and administrators will gather to discuss the real problems of the game, so as not to waste time indulging bankers and marketing managers with ideas that threaten the future of the beloved game. of the world,” concludes the statement.

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