They pour boiling water on the car body, better than the car maker: unbelievable

Do-it-yourself dent repair is quite simple: it is enough to have a hot water boiler and a piston. We will now explain how to do this.

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One of the biggest annoyances for car enthusiasts is finding a dent in their precious car. While one person might consider a small dent to be no big deal, for another, that same dent is enough to break their heart.

Although car scratches are simply cosmetic and do not cause physical damage to your car, they can be embarrassing for some car owners. Nobody wants others to look at their car and notice the dent on their body. Even worse, when a car owner looks at his car, seeing this dent reminds him of exactly what happened that day.

If all this bothers you, fear not, we are here to bring you some good news.

Can hot water be used to fix a dent?

If you are tired of this annoying effect on your car, don’t worry. No matter how big or small they are, how many cars you currently own, or why, there are fairly convenient and quick ways to fix them.

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The treatment we want to recommend is exactlyBoiling water. Do not use boiled water only for cooking and sanitation purposes. It can also be used to remove unwanted scratches on your car.

Why do we use boiling water to fix the dent?

Simply put, people use hot water to fix a bumper dent because it’s a quick fix. When it comes to vehicle maintenance, the first and foremost priority is safety. This is the main reason why I advise them to fix any bumps and dents on their cars as quickly as possible.

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Even if the dent is slight, if left for too long, the structural damage to the vehicle may increase in time.

For example, the chassis under the bumper can sag, which can cause instability and endanger the vehicle’s safety. Using ‘do-it-yourself’ options such as pouring hot water over the dent to repair it is popular because it is inexpensive and does not require a lot of complicated equipment.

It’s a good idea not to go to the mechanic or the repair shop because you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on painting and labor costs. However, the hot water technology Only works on plastic bumpers.

When you pour boiling water over plastic, the plastic becomes hot and more pliable. Since thermoplastics can be easily reshaped in this case, it becomes very easy for a person to quickly fix the dent.

Pour boiling water over the dent –

How to remove a dent with hot water?

Once you’ve located the dent, follow these steps to fix it using warm water:

Keep all of your tools ready to use. You will need boiling water in a bucket or bowl, a plunger for a shower, and cold water on hand.
Carefully pour hot water over the dented area. Make sure the bumper is plastic before doing this.

When the surface is still hot, attach the plunger to the dented area and begin to pull. If possible, you can push the shock absorber from the inside (with your hand). Before it cools, push the dent out from the inside. Next, quickly pour cold water over the area to help it keep its shape and solidify faster.

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Is it safe for a car to use hot water to fix a dent in a plastic bumper?

Yes, it is safe to use hot water to fix a dent in the plastic bumper. Because plastic is flexible when heated.


Fixing a dent on a plastic bumper using hot water is absolutely possible and feasible. In my opinion, with a little knowledge and watching some videos on youtube, anyone can do it.

However, if you feel that you are not qualified for this job, I will not risk it. I advise you to go to the workshop and let them fix it. Plastic bumper dents aren’t very expensive (if not too big) to fix and they shouldn’t cost you much.

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