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“They persecute dissidents even in our lands.”

The government The Chinese persecute dissidents even in the lands United Statethrough the procedures to spy Or by appointing private investigators. It is the complaint of US prosecutors who are investigating several cases, including an attempt to ejaculation Congressional candidate of Chinese descent.

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Yan, a congressional candidate spied by the Chinese

The candidate’s name was only revealed from the description, according to Guardian Matches Xiong yan Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives from eastern Long Island in New York, a Chinese dissident who participated in the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 and then a political refugee in the United States.

According to Brooklyn prosecutors against him Qiming LinFormer agent of an intelligence agency China He officially retired, and allegedly hired a private investigator to create a political scandal to undermine his candidacy. According to the indictment flexible He was telling the private investigator that: “If you don’t find anything after following him for a few weeks, we can make something. At the moment we don’t want him to be elected.” It was the investigator who reported it to the FBI.

American NGOs and Olympic champions are also targeted by the Chinese

but that of yan This is not the only case He ended up in the crosshairs of the US Attorney’s Office. Chinese government agents accused Spying on the employees of the organization A non-governmental human rights agency based in Washington. In a third case, prosecutors opened an investigation Trying to scare Arthur LiuSan Francisco lawyer and political activist. Liu is the father of professional skater Alyssa Liu, who competed with the US team at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

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