They notice that the elephant suddenly starts smoking, and the reason is amazing

In the Indian National Park he noticed an elephant that suddenly started smoking. This is what was happening.

The elephant starts smoking
Elephant starts smoking –

the the animals They were always on the man’s side and often had a lot of antics strange.

We often hear about some episodes involving humans and animals and many of them leave us speechless.

An elephant was seen smoking in a national park: here’s why

within the animals who has always been loved by man, and despite her size is among the most intelligent and docile of allthe elephant.

This animal has always cooperated with humans and when respected makes an excellent ally.

Often, in a circus, you see many elephants performing in some number even if there are many who would like to leave them free.

Thanks for the movie Dumbo And many other movies that you see The elephants As heroes, we have grown fond of this fox since we were kids.

in India, This animal is a symbol of power and wisdom and many rulers and teachers made themselves seen riding this animal.

The reason why elephants start smoking
Elephant –

the right of Indian National ParkSomething extraordinary happened that everyone noticed.

The forester, being attracted by the enormous size of one of these snakes, was also caught by what came out of its mouth.

brisket del smoking, As if there was something fiery inside the elephant’s mouth.

Among the trees, many tourists noticed smoke and then realized that this came from the animal.

Explanation of a specific event

All of this suddenly happened beforethe elephant It seemed so normal and then he started smoking.

Park employees admitted that this was the first time they had witnessed something like this.

Because of the privacy, many scientists have become interested in this case by viewing photos and videos of the episode.

Just Biologist Varuna GoswamiAn explanation of what happened to the animal.

According to the expert, the elephant ate some coal which he claimed to have found near a previously burned forest.

As everyone knows, the coal Very useful for digestion, especially for heavy meals, and helps to get rid of toxins.

The elephant that ate coal
The elephant that ate coal –

When eaten by primates, coal It tends to normalize digestion while it does otherwise for other types of animals.

For this, a digestive process must have been established in the elephant causing smoke to come out of its mouth.

At first glance, it looked like the animal had swallowed something about to make it smoke.

There are those who watch the scene, imagining in their minds that the largest part the elephant was about to transform into Dragon.

Rather, according to the explanation biological, smoke from the mouththe elephant It is the work of the digestive process coal.

This, unlike men and primates, who are able to digest it and favor certain intestinal organs, causes elephants to emit smoke from the mouth.

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