They have appeared along the river, for the authorities it is an unprecedented dangerous situation

Not exactly happy news comes from far away, it has appeared along the river and for the authorities the situation is not to be underestimated. Let’s find out together what is happening and what can be done.

Discovery along the river
Discovery along the river –

This is not the first time, and according to experts, it may be the first in a series of events of this kind. Something that risks jeopardizing the region in which this story takes place, which is the many consequence of the ancient problem of climate change. Today we tell you what it is.

They showed up along the river, that’s what happened

Experts don’t know how to tell anymore. The climate crisis problem is the biggest emergency in recent years. Pollution, non-existent environmental policies, lack of awareness of the individual citizen. All factors that cause a deterioration in the environmental conditions of our planet every year with more and more irreparable consequences.

Menende –

An example comes from the story that happened in the last days in Australia, Near the Darling Baka River. The area is New South Wales and the alert was raised by the authorities themselves when they appeared along the river Plenty of dead fish.

Fish drama in New South Wales

A horrific scene, to say the least, as determined by witnesses who rushed to the scene. graveyard, An endless school of dead fish appeared like this.

the reason? Of course attributed to Abnormal heat has hit all of Australia in recent weeks earlier than usual. The discovery area is that of Menende, a town of 500 inhabitants that has been affected in recent months by the opposite phenomenon, that of increasingly frequent and dangerous floods.

They appeared along the river
Featured Along the River –

In practice, scientists explain, these days the temperature peaks at 41 degrees, making it impossible for the water to maintain the oxygen levels needed to survive. Therefore, the reaper is called hypoxica phenomenon that has already been studied at different levels and is truly deadly for fish.

In some cases it leads to reproductive problems, and in the most serious examples, as in the Australian case, it leads to suffocation.

Featured along the river suspension of the authorities

The scene that unfolded on the bank of the Darling Baka River is really scary. According to the estimates of the authorities, the dead fish are scattered for kilometers and are rotting. The amount that appears is actually what makes their removal particularly complicated.

A crippling problem also for the residents of Menende That without access to the river these days, they are in a very difficult situation. “Residents here used to use Darling water to wash themselvesExplanation from the Department of Primary IndustriesBecause of this incident, they cannot use the water for domestic use and we cannot tell them when it will be possible to guarantee recovery“.

This is not the first time such an event has occurred in this area. Already in 2018, the authorities reported an abnormal wave of dead fish. However, those weeks will certainly be remembered for the significant amount.

The serious problem of climate change

And of course, early in 2018, the experts called highlighted the problem. There are no other reasons for these disturbing events to occur If not climate change.

dead fish-river-darling
Darling River dead fish –

South Wales is increasingly subject to sudden changes, going through devastating floods, alternating with terrible droughts like this one. The situation is according to local meteorologists destined to occur again.

What can he do? Currently, many volunteers are also working to remove fish because the smells caused by rotten fish have become unsustainable for the residents. In the long term, various solutions have been proposed to the authorities to tackle a problem that is now important on a global scale.

In the case of Minindi, one might consider limiting some activities to provide proper protection for the river. Companies may be required to reduce the amount of water they withdraw each day. The drop in river levels is accompanied by infernal temperatures In fact, they favor the phenomenon of massive hypoxia.

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