“They have a negative effect on my mental health” –

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The 26-year-old British actor, star of the latest Spider-Man, announced in a video that he is taking a break from Instagram and Twitter.

LONDON – “Hello, bye.” Tom Hollandalso known as Spider-Man, Leave social networks. The 26-year-old British actor said goodbye to his 67.7 million followers with a post confirming that he had made a decision. Protecting his mental health. The star’s Instagram and Twitter are “over-stimulated and oppressive”. And select “I’m still trapped and depressed by reading what’s been written about me on the internet.” “The effect on my mood is very negative That is why I decided to back off and delete the application from my phone and not interact with it anymore.”

He’s not the first character to issue a warning about the impact of social media. Before him, the singer was called up, albeit temporarily Miley CyrusAnd the Millie Bobby Brownthe young protagonist of “Stranger Things” singer Selena Gomez And many other things. Sympathetic, witty, full of success, Holland shows no visible signs of being upset, but anxiety and depression are hidden ailments: “We need to talk more about mental health,” Holland stressed. Time will tell whether the actor’s farewell will last. Today, social networks are an important tool for promotion and advertising.

Those who leave tend to return: Spider-Man himself realized the power of Instagram by reminding his fans before he said goodbye, The charities he supports, in particular Stem4, a charity for children in difficulty, and the organization set up with the family, The Brothers Trust. Holland has three male siblings. It is a close-knit family that has gone to great lengths to protect the Netherlands from the excesses of celebrities. The parents – mother Nikki is a photographer and father Dom is a writer and actor who recounted a few years ago with humor the shame of his transcendent offspring – live in the same house as ever, in the borough of Kingston, London, and have founded for the Children a charitable organization by supporting the causes dear to them.

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The news that one of the most beloved actors of the new generation was going through a rough time had a lot of resonance in Britain, where Mental health is a problem for 20% of minors. The video in which Holland announced his retirement from social networks is also a call for help: “Mental health – confirmed the star, who will be among the qualified candidates for the role of James Bond – is still a taboo. I know it is difficult to ask for help, and if it is not something that should be To make us feel awkward is easier in words than it is in reality.

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