They can be corrected, but time is running out

In the event of errors on Form 730, the law provides for the possibility of correction by means of a supplementary form, by October 25.

When completing a Form 730 tax return, errors or omissions are possible. However, the taxpayer has the right to organize his return by filing a supplemental Form 730. Basically, it is an integration that allows you to make changes to a Model 730 that has already been filed with the revenue agency.


term Submit a tax return on Form 730 It expired on September 30th. However, it may happen that after you file your tax return, you realize that you made mistakes or omitted information.

In this case, it is possible to proceed with the compilation of Supplementary Form 730. This will allow you to correct the error and avoid incurring taxes.

730 Errors: Here’s What to Do

If, after filing your tax return with Form 730, you realize that you have made a mistake or omitted information, it is possible through the supplementary form.

There is time until next October 25th for Submit a Form 730 correction.

If the error reported on your tax return results in less payment or increased debt, then Supplementary Form 730 is It is possible to get the order.

In fact, the Supplementary Form 730 It is nothing more than a new tax return form. In fact, it is enough to indicate the symbol 1 in the additional space 730.

The modified form can be submitted Through CAF or with the assistance of a qualified professional.

Alternatively, the taxpayer can submit the integration form by November 30. Claiming a refund of the difference in the balance.

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However, you can also correct the error Submitting the Personal Income Form for 2023Therefore, in the tax return stage for the following year. In any case, the law provides for the possibility of correcting the error By December 31 of the following year When filing a tax return, which is the responsibility to pay.

It all depends on the error

If the taxpayer realizes that the error reported at the tax return stage does not allow identification of the withholding agent making the adjustments, He’ll have time by October 25 To submit the supplementary form. In this case, the file code 2.

Anyway, the revenue agency sends an email to the taxpayer, inviting him to access the last email Tax return for important contacts.

This email can be received if the tax withholding agent indicated on the form has a Send the Revenue Agency a Notice of Refusal. Essentially, if there is a new alternative on your tax return with Form 730 or no alternative, a refusal can be requested. By doing so, it will allow The taxpayer to make the adjustment.

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In any case, it is possible to submit supplemental Form 730 by filling in Code 3 When the taxpayer realizes that he has not correctly provided all the data that would allow determining the alternative who will make the adjustment. However, Code 3 can also be used when the taxpayer realizes that he has not submitted all the items he should have indicated on his supplementary tax return.

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