They are so comfortable and don’t show your toes in these trendy flat leg sandals

The first warm days have already arrived and many of us try to dress in a cool and comfortable way. For many, the season of open shoes and beach dresses has already begun. However, in some cases we are not allowed to wear low-cut clothes and sandals for dress code reasons. In some works, in close contact with the audience, it is not a good idea to expose parts of the body such as the feet and the neckline. For this reason, we need to know about shoes that are fresh and open and which, however, do not reveal the foot. Today we will explain why these sandals are so comfortable and don’t show your toes, they are perfect for any occasion, from work to celebrations.

When fashion is so convenient too

In years past, if we said “fashionable shoes,” it would be almost automatic to mean shoes that were too high with a dizzy and uncomfortable heel. In recent years, fortunately, comfortable and comfortable shoes for the foot and back have appeared. We can mention the Mexican huarach sandals or Rubber sandals like those for rock. Another example is classic shoes from the rope Spanish, known as espadrilles or alpargatas. These traditional shoes are a huge hit all over the world. Very comfortable and breathable, it can be heeled or low to the floor. Today we want to talk about a variant of this form, known as espardenyes and typical of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

They are so comfortable and don’t show your toes in these trendy flat leg sandals

Espardinis became famous because they were the favorite shoes of the famous Spanish painter Salvador Dali. What distinguishes these sandals is that they stick to the ankle thanks to the laces, which must be twisted and knotted. The upper part closes the foot with its coverage while revealing the heel as well as the ankle and instep. Aspardine can be low to the ground or even have a wedge.

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Perfect and fresh thanks to the cotton fabric and rope sole, these shoes are so discreet and elegant. We can wear it in the office with a flared skirt or jeans, but also with an elegant dress for a celebration. But it’s also perfect for going to the beach wearing Cute trendy swimwear On hot days. Moreover, thanks to its shape and the laces adorning the ankles, it will make us slim and make our legs look slimmer and longer.


Not monks sandals or jeweled heels, these are the super comfortable summer shoes perfect for any occasion

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