They are cheap and seem to kill annoying mosquitoes in a few minutes, but beware of potential health contraindications

Unfortunately, with the onset of heat, not only does the moment of the long-awaited holidays come. In fact, annoying mosquitoes are among the first to appear in the summer. They disturb our sleep with the noise of the night and destroy our evenings in the garden with their stings.

In order to get them out of the way, we are willing to use any means. From mosquito nets to doors and windows, sprays of any kind and Natural home remedies to keep them away. There are also other repellent solutions such as ultrasound, electric traps or snails that emit smoke.

Speaking of coils, they are cheap and seem to eliminate annoying mosquitoes and are often used in bars or outdoors. However, do we know exactly what they are made of? What substances are burned and create the smell that these insects hate?

Unfortunately, we may not like the answer. In fact, some of the substances in the green IUD may be dangerous to our health. But let’s see together what precautions to follow when using these devices to avoid nasty surprises.

They are cheap and seem to kill annoying mosquitoes in a few minutes, but beware of potential health contraindications

Zamberon is primarily made of a substance called Dalmatian pyrethrum. This flower naturally contains pyritin, a substance capable of affecting the nervous system of mosquitoes and driving them away or killing them.

Chemist Giovanni Zamperoni was the first to create this pyrethrum powder. Only after two Japanese created the green screw with the goal of making the material burn slower. But the pirate isn’t the only one who makes the coil. In fact, zampironi also contains various types of pesticides or natural aromatics such as lemongrass.

Specifically, they may contain d-allethrin, a synthetic molecule that mimics the action of pyrethrins belonging to the pyrethroids. This is according to a report issued byISmay cause poisoning after accidental ingestion with consequences such as drowsiness, vomiting and nausea.

However, science does not rule out the possibility that the fumes are also toxic. As with other insecticides, there is a possibility of slight poisoning on contact with the substance. Symptoms may present with tearing, eye irritation, blurred vision, coughing, and vomiting.

This is why they indicate as a precaution that zampironi should only be used outdoors and not indoors. Moreover, it is advisable to never expose the mucous membranes to smoke.

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