These simple exercises are enough to help increase muscle mass and have a flat stomach

Christmas is imminent and our energies are already projected on the holidays, when we can finally relax but also eat. Usually in January many will find themselves with a few extra pounds to shed. However, maybe it’s better to arrive at dinner already empty, and try some exercises that they should do burn calories and strengthening muscles.

If we can have a flat stomach ABS of steel Without tools, it would be perfect for wearing tight clothes. In fact, keep a well-shaped abdomen, and proportional muscles, to avoid impact flexido It is the goal of many.

With a little goodwill and by carving out a few minutes a day, we’ll be able to get results in no time. The secret is often not to give up but to persist and not give up in the face of fatigue and sweat as well as combine a balanced diet of course.

After the first few weeks, we will probably feel the need to train, because that will make us feel better. In addition, we always monitor our sugar and fat intake and drink plenty of water.

These simple exercises are enough to help increase muscle mass and have a flat stomach

To get strong muscles in your body, you need to stimulate them with different types of exercises and repetitions. Only when we are more experienced, later on, will we also be able to reduce recovery times.

If we do not have a problem that can interfere with the exercises, after the warm-up phase, we can start training in a corner of the house.

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It is good to warm all the muscles, even keeping the arms open and drawing small circles, first in one direction and then in the other. For legs, we skip or run in place with knees to chest, for at least 30 seconds, even small jumps with one leg, then with the other, can better prepare us for the exercises.

We will then be able to perform planks, even side ones, which include all the muscles, smoothing them and activating the flat stomach, as we dream. In addition to the traditional side and the other, we make the asymmetric shape, that is, we extend one arm and the opposite leg.


All types of abdominal exercise are also helpful in slimming the waist and keeping the muscles in good shape. We can do the standing side. Legs slightly apart, hands behind the neck, we adjust the breathing, bending the torso and bending one knee at a time towards the elbow.

The reverse person will be able to do this lying down, on the carpet, straight legs slightly open and the back completely glued to the floor. We keep our hands along the body and raise our legs high. We can also keep our hands behind, and cling to the chair or the base of the sofa. We will have to do at least 3 sets of 10 for all exercises, with small breaks.

Therefore, to help increase muscle mass and get a flat stomach, these simple exercises will be enough.

(We remind you to read the warnings in this article carefully which can be referenced Who is the”)
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