These beneficial substances help your brain and gut stay strong and healthy every day

It’s amazing how these two foods we eat every day make us age prematurely That is why we must defend ourselves. We have often indicated that 70% of external virus attacks pass through our gut. In addition, of course, Mother Nature arranged for an equal proportion of immune defenses to be in the same area. And we got a tragic confirmation of this in these two years of the pandemic. We never think about it, but these beneficial substances help the brain and gut stay strong and healthy every day. We have millions of them circulating in our intestines, which enrich the flora and raise our organism’s defensive wall. Especially in this period of transition from hot to cold, which is why they become so important.

What are probiotics and why are they so important?

As the word itself derived from the ancient Greek says, probiotics are microorganisms that favor life. We can find it in some foods, or in supplements that can strengthen the intestinal defences. Let’s not get scandalous if we read that probiotics are the ultimate good bacteria whose job is to restore balance to the gut flora. In fact, our gut allows these live bacteria to fight and try to defeat bacteria that carry viruses and infections. They must be alive to survive gastric juices and metabolic shifts.

These beneficial substances help your brain and gut stay strong and healthy every day

However, we should never again think of taking probiotics as if they were simple water. Not all of them are the same, although most of them are harmless to our body. But they can still create problems when hired. For this reason, it is always a good idea to agree an extensive use with our physician. In any case, remember that the most important daily active probiotics can be found:

  • in milk
  • in parmesan
  • in pickles
  • in sauerkraut
  • in raw cocoa
  • In some fermented cheese.
  • In the kefir.
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Only on an empty stomach

In order for probiotics to have the desired effect and unleash their full potential, we must take them on an empty stomach. In the event that there is a need to replenish the intestinal microflora, we should conduct a course of treatment for about a month. Obviously, since we are talking about ingesting about a billion bacteria per day, diet alone may not be enough. Here, then, I explain why we can use popular nutritional supplements. This is, however, always only and according to a prescription and medical support.


Why eat kefir and kiwi with breakfast

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings of this article, which can be referenced Who is the”)

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