These are the ways to recycle plastic basins that no one has said before

Creative recycling is now a requirement of everyday life. Offering a second chance for items that would otherwise go to the trash is important to quality of life andEnvironment.

The editorial staff at ProiezionidiBorsa intends to provide some insights in this regard. These are the ways to recycle plastic trays that no one has ever said before and definitely among the most innovative. So here’s how to go about recycling these plastic containers.

Cosmetic organizer

The editorial team intends to start with practical use and then come up with very creative ideas. Also suitable for the little ones. The thin plastic trays are the ones that are commonly used for packing fruits and vegetables.

However, not many people know that it can be used to organize cosmetics or cleansers. Separating creams from foundations or face masks is essential to maintaining order on your bathroom shelves. It is also possible to name each tray. Give it a name. This will help you quickly locate the product.

Underwear breaks

If these are the ways to recycle plastic trays no one has said before, the editorial team has also thought about this panty chest of drawers. To separate each type of clothing and distinguish it from pajamas or gowns, it is helpful to use trays as dividers. Just assemble everything neatly and place clothes in trays as dividers. One idea also is to place them based on color.

Cotton clouds

Here’s an instantly super creative recycling. We recommend using drawers to make bright cotton clouds to hang in the room. It will be necessary to pierce the top of the trays a little and tighten some straps to hold them.

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We suggest inserting battery-powered light strips inside. Then completely cover the trays with cotton balls. Hanging it from the ceiling in the dark will look like bright clouds.


The recent recycling for children. Simply trace the characters of the cartoon characters on the trays and cut them out. It is also possible to tint it with a marker. When placed in the oven it will hold into a real plastic cartoon. We suggest using it as a key chain. Or to make pretty paraphernalia to hang anywhere.


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