These are Grandma’s infallible secrets of cooking the octopus to perfection and making it tender

Octopus is Quiet They live on rocky and sandy bottoms, and this difference is also large due to the difference in meat. Those who come from rocky bottoms are more delicious.

It lends itself to preparing many recipes, and the most classic way to eat it is in the classic seafood salad, where it is served with carrot leaves, celery, lemon and parsley.

Choice and hygiene

Important in choosing octopus is the freshness of the food, which can be recognized by the color of its flesh.

First of all, the bowels of the octopus should be cleaned, and the sac in the head area should be discarded and rinsed with cold water.

We also remember that the larger the octopus, the smoother it is. So the advice is not to buy it with a weight less than 1 kg, 1 and 1 kg.

These are Grandma’s infallible secrets of cooking the octopus to perfection and making it tender

There are several techniques used to make octopus tender, some of them are just rumors, and others seem to actually work. Among the many suggestions, frequent advice such as adding lemon to cooking water or putting coarse salt and cork in the octopus seems to make it softer. However, nothing is certain about these technologies.

For perfect cooking

The first thing to know is that every 500 grams of octopus takes about 20 minutes of cooking, and each kilo takes about 30/40 minutes. Fill a saucepan with a large amount of water and bring it to a boil. Add salt, then lower the octopus with tentacles into the water and put it back in. Repeat the process 3/4 times. This will allow the claws to curl and appear more aesthetically pleasing to create dishes. Fully submerge and let cook.

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After cooking, allow the octopus to cool down in its still water, for the same length of time it was cooked. After the cooling time in its water, the octopus will not be completely cold, but at this point it is appropriate to add some ice to the water that it is immersed in. This will create a heat shock that will allow the octopus’ skin to remain attached to it. Then remove it from the water, and depending on our taste and texture preferences, we can put it in the fridge for about ten hours. This will give it a better texture.

Other cooking techniques

Another way to make it very tender is to cook it in a steamer. This cooking will give them great softness, almost “melt”.

On the other hand, if we want crunchy claws we can pass them through the pan. We add a little oil to the pan and pass the cooked octopus for a few minutes. This will make the octopus crunchy, which will be tender on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

So these are the infallible Secrets Grandmother to cook octopus perfectly and make it tender. But the secret to keep in mind more than anything to get an exceptional result is to never work when the weather is hot.

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