These A-shaped homes cost nothing, and will change your life

Owning a large country villa seems to be an expensive business for all of us: it takes tens of thousands of euros (if not hundreds of thousands) just to buy the land. Not to mention the rest.

Well, although this is true, in general, there is still a way to have a large house surrounded by nature, magnificent and with a modern and functional structure. Not a little.

We are talking about A-shaped houses, where the slope of the roof is such that it forms the entire structure, including the outer walls. The special form allows you to create houses at a much lower cost than usual. Above all thanks to some precautions taken by the designers.


These houses – like Enthusiastic articles by experts and architects Today they are designed with large transparent parts. In this way, natural light abounds and there is almost no need to use artificial light. Not only that, the parts covered by the solar panels, due to their size, perfectly compensate for the house’s need for energy.

It seems inconceivable to be able to own such a home without ever paying the bills, instead that is exactly what would be expected for those who would be living in the house in “A”. Economically, the savings are colossal: up to 200 thousand euros, if we take into account the money that we will spend on energy for the life of the house.

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