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There will be one dead and several wounded details

Bad weather on our peninsula

the conditions the weather They appear within our peninsula today, as well as yesterday, Unstable in some areas of the country, especially in the northern regions. In fact, most of the phenomena so far have been concentrated in these sectors. Today’s rain and rain mainly affected the northeastern regions, with little or no electrical activity, and moderately moderate phenomena. The temperatures are close to the values ​​recorded yesterday.

The next few hours are getting worse in the central sectors

However, although central areas currently have noticed the huge and compact presence of cloud cover, in the next few hours, these conditions could change and evolve towards bad weather. In particular, rain and potential thunderstorms could affect the regions between lower Tuscany and upper Lazio, as well as isolated instability in the rest of the central Tyrrhenian sectors. It is also getting worse in the far northwest, due to the first effects the cold front had to sink in tomorrow.

Strong storms hit the United States

It has been a non-stop season since then bad weather Which mainly affects the southern states of the United States. The past few weeks have often been particularly turbulent Through the occurrence of many hurricane phenomena. This time however, the bad weather The extremist had shown himself differently and would have invested in Luciana, The Mississippi, toAlabama And the Florida, Causing severe damage and human losses unfortunately, as we shall see in the next paragraph.

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