There will be a “horror puzzle to be revealed”, game after game –

Io 2021 will be a great year for the video game world and one of the most interesting games to come in the short term is the PS5 exclusive ReturnHousemarque’s Lite, rogue shooter. The studio is known for its ability to create a fun gameplay that’s perfect in every detail, but with this new game, it’s also aimed at creating A deeper story Compared to its previous titles. And it also looks like there will be a “horror mystery to be revealed”, game after game.

Speaking to GamesRadar, Housemarque Narration Director Gregory Louden and Game Director Harry Kruger explained that, “Returnal’s dark science fiction timeline is very interesting from our point of view because Selene, our deep space explorer who keeps falling apart, allows us to add a lot more. Hidden Narrative Layers That unfolds with repetition. ”

Then explain that as progress is made within strange world From Returnal, called Atropos, there will be a way to discover more and more details about the protagonist, but also about the planet itself. Kruger also stated that the studio wanted to “go after the players” with one Mysterious story It slowly reveals more details, while in the meantime it tackles Cosmic horrors Located on the surface of the planet.

According to Krueger, it is important for the player to discover Returnal’s many secrets naturally, while the game will take care of Provide directly only necessary details Move forward. This statement makes us believe that the purpose of Housemarque is not to compel the player to “deal” with the plot if he does not wish to, thus allowing Focus only on the gameplay.

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We remind you that Returnal will be available starting March 19, 2021 on PS5. You can also watch a video in which Housemarque explains his “play first” philosophy.

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