There may be this seemingly useless thing on your car | Nobody knows what it is for

But what is the use of it if it is not used? Your car may have something at first glance really useless on the chassis. This is why manufacturers do this: it looks useless but it is very useful.

We are used to thinking that if there is a particular product specific component On the subject, this is certainly crucial to his work. Many cars contain something useless that allows manufacturers to solve a very big problem, on an industrial scale: Don’t worry, it’s no reason to go to the mechanic to check the car!

What is happening? (canvas)

unclear details

Do you know when you buy a product to be assembled in this very popular Scandinavian store where there is generally furniture and things for the home? as the swedes They are highly savingAfter you’ve finished assembling your bed or wardrobe, you’ll find that a few pieces are left: what seems like a seemingly useless thing turns out to be a great way to save your day if you’ve missed an ingredient.

This anecdote – which also seems useless – has a purpose, which is to explain to you that when we talk about large companies that issue millions of euros a month, no details are left to chance. Likewise, there is one thing your car may not even have It will not affect in the least Operating your new car is proving to be an essential detail to help a car manufacturer go into production!

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Who knows if your mechanic knows (Canva)

We work without it

The details we are talking about are not trivial: in fact, it is the exhaust pipe of your car. No, of course we do not say that the muffler Useless In a combustion car, let’s explain the concept further: Many modern cars, if you’ve noticed, have a fake exhaust pipe that goes into the bumper when the muffler is actually low, often pointing toward the floor.

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A few years ago, non-electric car manufacturers – which don’t need an exhaust but we’ll come back to them in a bit – realized the futility of aligning the muffler with the rear bumper. This is an unnecessary expense and a distraction for workers who have to assemble cars in a few hours of their main task. I already understood where this letter is headed…

Goodbye banks

Electric cars, which will soon become the only cars that can be legally sold in Europe, do not need a muffler. In fact, if you saw a Tesla passing near you, you would notice They have no holes in bumper. Despite this, there are brands such as Porsche that give customers the opportunity to purchase an electric car with a fake muffler, a purely aesthetic detail that involves significant expenses.

Canva Muffler 14_11_2022 Mondofuoristrada
The eye also wants its share, don’t you agree? (canvas)

The speech is actually It is very economical Because apparently, by avoiding aligning the car’s real exhaust with the hole in the bumper, manufacturers save hundreds of dollars per unit produced which, assuming the car is built with millions of units, includes very significant savings for the brand.

In short, the hole in the bumper of your car Useless In the most modern of models, it’s a simple aesthetic whim not to deprive your car of the details that have characterized automotive design for decades. But with the advent of electricity, even fake silencers are destined to disappear. Sorry but it’s progress, don’t blame us.

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