There is no video message with Zelensky. This was decided by the European Broadcasting Union

Several English media reported on Thursday (May 11) at the request of the President of Ukraine – Volodymyr Zelensky – To be able to appear with the video during the finalEurovision 2023This Saturday, May 13th.

However, the request was previously deniedEBU extension (European Broadcasting Union) is the union of public broadcasters that oversees the regulation of broadcastingEurovision Song Contestwith an official note we provide in full below.

L’Eurovision Song Contest It is an international entertainment show that is subject to strict rules and principles that have been established since its inception. As part of these, one of the pillars of the competition is the non-political nature of the event.

This principle prohibits the possibility of making political or similar statements as part of the competition.

asked mr Zelensky To address the audience of the Eurovision Song Contest, although made with commendable intentions, unfortunately cannot be accepted by the European Broadcasting Union administration as it would be contrary to the rules of the event.

L’EBU extension He confirmed from the moment it was agreed that the BBC would hostEurovision Song Contest 2023 On behalf of Ukraine’s public broadcaster UA: PBC that Ukraine, its music, culture and creativity will feature strongly in all three live shows.

No less than 11 Ukrainian artists, including last year’s winners Kalush Orchestra, will perform or participate in semi-finals or grand finals.

Brand graphics for the event were created in conjunction with a Ukrainian design agency and the incidental music featured throughout the show was also composed in collaboration with Ukrainian musicians. In addition, there are 37 locations across Ukraine marked on ‘postcards’.

We believe this is the best way to express and celebrate Ukraine’s victory in the Eurovision Song Contest and show that we are united by music in these difficult times.

Therefore, there is no interference during the final matchEurovision 2023with the show going on as usual, with lots of music and a long voting sequence, at the end of which we will find out who will win this edition.

Zelensky preferred Eurovision 2023 in Poland or Slovakia

Meanwhile, a statement was issued by the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to the BBC, where he reiterated the great respect he had for the United Kingdom, which he would have preferredEurovision 2023 It was held in countries closer to or bordering Ukraine, such as Poland or the Slovakia.

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