There is no rationale for Lily Gruber in reintegrating unvaccinated doctors

Educators of the new, therapeutically correct system are not at peace, and therefore restless in their zealous work calendar pronouns So that they may at last adapt without opposing the resistance of that new normal which is furthermore based on collective blessings with the Most Holy Serum. And so we heard a few days ago, by way of quotation, as if it was Aristotle or Plato, Genoese doctor Bassetti, who said that in fact one should believe in science, a closely contradictory expression we have already insisted on. Now it’s the lady’s turn Lily Gruber, who is also cited as if she were Aristotle or Plato. In the Corriere della Sera, in fact, they report this quotation by Lilli Gruber and it is rendered solemnly as if it were one of those quotations destined to remain etched in the imagination of the West. These are the words of Mrs. Gruber, Vestal the only correct political thought:The reintegration of No-Vax doctors is not only a setback for civic sense and common sense, but it is also a concern for citizens. Why should anyone who follows the rules be treated by a non-corrupt doctor?This is the deliberately hyperbolic question posed by Lily Gruber. Well, these words affect several aspects. First of all, I would say there“Inappropriate, I don’t know how to define it another way, referring to logic: If those who are blessed with the Most Holy Serum can be infected like those who are not, Why, praise be to God, is it reasonable to continue isolating the unblessed and excluding unblessed doctors from their activities? Moreover, if we consider that doctors are a category with a general shortage in Italy.

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Basically we need more doctors not fewer doctors, and to exclude the unblessed, In addition to having no effect on the level of infection containment, ironically it risks having negative effects specifically on the health defense side.And the. In short, we can say that the reasoning seems to run stubbornly in the opposite direction to Ms. Gruber’s rather weak reversals. It also affects, and not secondary, the oppressive and punitive will evident at the expense of citizens who exercised freedom of choice on their bodies, It should also be recognized in a civil democratic state. Clearly, for those who know how to transcendHijab strange verses‘, a reference to science seems inappropriate no less than reasoning in this case. A physician can be entirely valid or invalid regardless of whether or not he is blessed with the holiest serum. In short, as usual, a seemingly scientific dialectical framework is used in order to justify forms of open discrimination And the public punishment of citizens who are heretics, as well as, ultimately, sinners, is among the most inadmissible and most impervious sin of the civilization of technology: After thinking and acting with his head. Because there is nothing more unforgivable than this in technical civilization. Continue to practice critical thinking, to act according to conscience, without yielding to that single idea which has already for some time been endowed with its correct therapeutic formula.

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