There is no current account contract, the bank has to pay 23 thousand euros

Credonia – a businessman won the case with the institute of which he was a client. A Macerata court judge made an assessment by reviewing the different rates and charges

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Remo Fazini

The bank was sentenced to review the balance of a businessman, the written current account contract was missing, and he is entitled to an additional 23 thousand euros. This was decided by the Macerata court, which declared the applicable economic terms and conditions invalid, and ordered the bank to re-set the balance in favor of the account holder. He is a small businessman from CorridoniaWith the help of attorney Remo Fazzini, who won a civil action in the matter of banking contracts brought against “Nuova Banca delle Marche”, later “Ubi Banca”. The ruling was issued on July 31 last, “The lack of the original contract to open the current account was verified by the judge – lawyer Fazini explained -, in violation of the obligation to the written form. on the core, which indicates the invalidity of the agreements. The declaration of nullity necessitated the replacement of the interest rate applicable in previous years – continues the lawyer -, but not formally accepted by the account holder, at the statutory rate, as well as excluding all commissions and other fees, not specifically contracted.” Calculations were made by a consultant authorized by The judge who made the assessment by reconstructing the accounting difference in favor of the bank’s client: he is entitled to €23,336. The judge indicated the figure in the judgment, which also determines the bank’s judgment to pay legal fees.

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