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“There is no criminal behavior in the payments from the Vatican to Australia”

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The Australian Federal Police has not identified any criminal conduct in payments to Australia from the Vatican. This came in a very short press release published on the website of Federal Police.

Agence France-Presse – reading the text of the memorandum – has completed an analysis of financial information provided by AUSTRAC regarding payments from the Vatican to Australia. No criminal behavior has yet been identified. If AFP receives more information from Australian or international partners, it will adjust accordingly. “

As you can recall, on January 13th, the Australian Center for Transaction Reporting and Analysis (AUSTRAC), an Australian financial supervisory body, disclosed through the website of The Australian a statement admitting that it had significantly overestimated the flow of money transfers. Between the Vatican and Australia.

It was AUSTRAC specifically, in the last months of 2020, to mention that in the past six years funds equivalent to 1.4 billion euros (2.3 billion Australian dollars) were sent to Australia, for a total of about 47,000 individual transfers. A colossal number, which immediately appeared unrealistic, both in terms of the amount of money and the number of operations, because it did not completely correspond to the movements of the Holy See. In the press release in recent days, AUSTRAC corrected these estimates significantly downward by saying that it was not 1.4 billion euros with 47,000 financial transactions in the past six years, but 6 million euros versus 362 transactions.

Checks, requested by the Holy See, and carried out by AUSTRAC in conjunction with the ASIF, the Vatican Financial and Information Supervisory Authority, have brought the numbers back to their correct size. And the real figure, in a statement issued by the Holy See, “is attributable, among other things, to some contractual obligations and the normal management of its resources.”

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Now the Australian Federal Police says he has not demonstrated any criminal behavior from analyzing the transactions.

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