There is a trick to make it indestructible, try it now

It often happens that you decide to sell your used smartphone, maybe it will be used for a very short time, after you have decided to buy a new one. The best way to get the maximum amount possible, without the physiological discount that must be applied due to the use of the device, is to resell it with its original box and accessories.

But this is not always possible, because over time, and unfortunately even in the short term, some mobile phone accessories deteriorate, forcing their owners to purchase new (and not always original) ones.

Charger cable: there is a trick to make it indestructible, try it now
Broken Charger (web source)

One of them is the battery charger, or rather the battery charger cable, which is one of the “accessories” of our mobile phone that also accelerates the breakage and above all due to the bad habits of use of buyers. But it is possible to keep it as intact as possible, and here’s how.

The charger, where you can find cable saving tools

Who has not happened that the cell phone charger cable suddenly stopped working? This usually happens when the cable, especially near the socket connected to the power supply, is worn down by the plastic protecting the electrical wires inside, thus also these very fine wires, breaking, cutting the electrical connection.

But it doesn’t have to deteriorate cover External: The fact that the battery charger cord is kept folded or coiled for so long, and then stretched so unbelievable that you can use it even while you are in bed and attached to the bedside table, can cause the electrical cable to break from the inside, or the connector may wear out or scratch And it stops working.

There is little margin of protection on the conductor, while on the wire there are some small precautions which can provide the protection cable and thus electrical resistance for as long as possible.

Animal Cable Keeper - 20221014
Animal Cable Keeper – 20221014

The cheapest and most do it yourself is fountain From the ballpoint pen: Use the spring by inserting it around the wire, but be careful not to distort it, it may be an excellent first way to preserve the battery charger. Just take it out of any ballpoint pen, which we probably don’t need anymore.

Then there’s the famous (among boys) “Scooby Doo”, A more or less complex weave of a rigid fabric or plastic that forms a kind of “glove” that encircles the last part of the thread and thus obtains greater protection.

Then how can we forget the prose but so useful insulating tape? If the copper wire inside the plastic cable isn’t broken, putting electrical tape around the end of the charger cable is the best way to prevent it from getting frayed and damaged.

Then there are two solutions to buy, but they are inexpensive pet cable cover, kind of pencil cover Washing at both ends appears to “eat” the cable but instead protects it, and then colorful swirl Made of hard plastic, easy to apply, which you can also buy Amazon At very low prices.

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