There is a shortage of tomatoes in these supermarket chains, forcing fruit and vegetable rationing in the UK

There is an acute shortage of tomatoes (as well as other fruits and vegetables) in the UK. Consumers find empty shelves and rationing in supermarkets. here because

In recent days, many users living in the UK have posted pictures of empty tomato racks on social media. What is happening? UK supermarkets are short on supplies of some types of fruit and vegetables, including tomatoes, for various reasons.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) said crops had been affected by “challenging weather conditions” and as a result imports from Europe and Africa had been halted or severely restricted.

It must be borne in mind that the tomatoes sold in Great Britain in the winter months come mainly from Morocco and southern Spain, regions that have experienced difficult climatic conditions (first very hot climates and then cold spells). Obviously, tomato crops have suffered particularly from this.

To this we must add that bad weather caused ferries carrying food to be delayed or cancelled.

Then there is the portion of the fruit and vegetables that arrive in the UK from the Netherlands, where they are grown in large greenhouses. Manufacturers have been hit hard by higher energy prices and this could have a negative impact on UK supply.

The fact is that so far, the Sales of tomatoes and other vegetables or fruits have been restricted In most major supermarket chains in the country: Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Morrisons.

For example, Tesco and Aldi set a 3-piece limit on the purchase of tomatoes as well as peppers and cucumbers. The Asda chain, on the other hand, has limited sales of tomato, lettuce, salad, broccoli, cauliflower, and berry baskets to three packages per customer.

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How long will it last? According to the BRC, this shortage should only last “a few weeks”, until the start of the season when the UK will be able to produce at least a portion of its tomatoes, and supermarkets will find additional sources. the offer.

However, let us remember that tomatoes are an out-of-season vegetable and therefore should be avoided in the winter. This situation reminds us how important it is to follow the seasonality of fruits and vegetables instead, and also to avoid supply problems from foreign countries.

And what about Italy?

Italy is unlikely to risk finding itself in a similar situation. Our country is a big producer of tomatoes – weather and drought permitting – there are no restrictions on the usual production and therefore on the supply of markets and supermarkets.

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source: BBC

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