There is a shortage of PS5 but one thinks of PS5 Pro

In terms of the quality of games or hardware, the new Playstation 5 has already received applause.

The only famous “flaw” about it is connected, as we all know, with the lack of shares that still bothers everyone who dreams of being able to buy it.

However, despite this shortcoming, The new PS5 will already be on the stage from studying. It will be possible PS5 ProTweaktown source has identified the shipment of Sony’s mysterious development kits overseas.

From Japan, the company shipped hundreds of development kits specifically to Auckland. Some shipments in recent months have also been destined for Los Angeles, but the address “Interactive Entertainment System‘It’s different.

The last shipment was on January 29, when 434 cars departed Japan, bound for Auckland.

Exporting an incredible development kit, especially long after the PS5 was released. So it will be PS5 Prowhich according to rumors could be the most expensive console in history.

For studios to start working on their robot games, it wouldn’t be surprising if the PS5 Pro got it beforehand.

Another interesting discovery, on November 16, sees four gaming console prototypes move from the UK offices of Sony Europe to the offices of Norfolk, its headquarters.

From PS5 Pro We’ve been talking for several months and the timing coincides with the alleged release date of the PlayStation console.

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