There is a place in Australia that reveals what life was like 3.5 billion years ago

Two hours north of Perth toward Lake Thetis on Western Australia’s Coral Coast, the landscape is suddenly changing. Green nature seems to take on the connotations of Escher’s painting and give way to it Large patch of limestone It immediately draws attention. It is located around stromatolite, the oldest living things on earth, the same thing to which we owe our lives today.

It appeared more than three billion years ago Their job was to release oxygen, thus making the Earth’s atmosphere breathable.

Take a trip along the coast The oldest continent on earth This also means. Not only to connect with primitive nature and amazing animals such as kangaroos, emu and echidna, but also with another rare form of life to which we owe our existence.

Stromatolites present themselves to the eye as stratified rocksخور. These are the sedimentary structures observed in limestone rocks that result from the action of photosynthesis microorganisms, in particular cyanobacteria.

Their testimonies are rare in the world, and Australia, in this sense, has become the incubator of this precious treasure, allowing you to admire them without diving thanks to a boardwalk, along with Exuma Sound and Little Darby Island, in the Bahamas.

Fossils of the earliest stromatolites, dating back 3.5 billion years, were found near Marble Bar in the Pilbara region. Note this panoramic photo A unique experience in the world Which can give us back every suggestion What was the world like at the dawn of history?. Before plants, before dinosaurs, and before humans.

At sunset the weather is amazing: the calm waters of the bay are the backdrop for the reddish hue of the fossils, reminiscent of the sun sinking into the sea. And everything lights up with magic!

But other members of the stromatolite family are found along this coast and reproduce the same suggestive scene, This is the thromboliteSlightly younger, but equally as witnesses to past lives. Lake Clifton in Western Australia is one of the few places in the world to have thrombolites.


Low stromatolite in Australia, Hamlin Pond

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