There are very few players in Battlefield 2042, everyone gets their money back

Battlefield 2042 seems to be in a really tough spot, with very few players online. Many of them get a refund.

No one expected, a year ago, that Battlefield 2042 would be what it is now. The video game that was supposed to revolutionize FPS history and bring back the Battlefield name. shooter Dice so sheIn fact, she was called to improve what happened after the release of the fifth chapter, which was not appreciated at all by the majority of users.

There are very few players in Battlefield 2042, everyone gets their money back

In fact, there are many who did not appreciate this game at all, as it was A step back from Battlefield 1From every point of view. The title in question, in fact, did not convince from the point of view of gameplay, history, and locations. And for this Battlefield 2042 it had a very important load, as it should practically be a remake of that Battlefield 3 that conquered everyone.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, and as we wrote to you during the video review phase, the title is far from what everyone expected from DICE. Everyone was astonished, More than what could be the best-selling console of 2022.

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Battlefield 2042 has very few players, compensate users

B2042 Steam Refund Email
B2042 Steam Refund Email

The situation in Battlefield 2042 is so complex that every month the number of players drops dramatically. And the situation is getting worse every day, to the point that a really amazing decision was made on Steam. According to what many say about their purchase of Battlefield 2042 and that They are asking for a refund on ValveThey get their money back, hard decision Like the FromSoftware you just got. Even after exceeding the popular 2 hours of gameplay the platform allows per player maximum before requesting a refund.

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However, in this case, Valve appears to be making an exception given the dramatic situation the video game is in, to say the least.

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