There are plants that are perfect for our garden paths and structures in between colors and scents

The flower world is so diverse that it provides us with countless alternatives for porches and home gardens. This is the perfect time to do gardening, and also thanks to the hours we spend at home. There are plants that are perfect for the paths and structures of our garden between colors and scents, which we will see in our article. We will find unexpected surprises to fill our green area with joy.

The Queen of Pergolas

We can define Tumbergia as “the queen of pergolas,” which is a typical summer plant and a tough, resistant climbing plant. With its gorgeous yellow flowers, it is ideal for those who live in warm regions, even if the plant does not like direct sunlight. Instead, preferring a semi-shade. It has very special flowers, with 5 petals, almost always yellow, with different shades. However, the white variety is also present. Let’s talk about a perennial that is able to decorate perfectly:

  • vertical;
  • Pergolas.
  • External structures
  • Fences and partitions.

If we live in areas with cold winters, remember to cover the roots with the arrival of frost.

Another factory for external decoration

Plants perfect for pathways and structures in our garden are found in colors and scents, such as clematis. He is a climber who is not afraid of the cold at all, so much so that he can withstand even the coldest temperatures. It has gorgeous purple and purple flowers, which will bloom profusely with exposure to sunlight. over there Jasmine It is usually used to cover the ugliest and ugliest parts of gardens and parks, such as ancient walls or dilapidated structures. But it is also nice to grow on pergolas and fixed structures in our driveways.

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Privacy Protector

If we want to protect our privacy from prying eyes, here is the right factory for us: Dipladenia. Evergreen blooms from spring to late fall. He loves the sun and adapts to both balcony and garden structures. Its flowers last only a few hours, but they do so all the time: white, pink, and red. Beware, however, that it does not like the cold and therefore should be covered. As we said, its density and continuous flowering make it an ideal model for protecting privacy with colors and scents.


2 evergreen plants give us great satisfaction

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