There are no League of Legends World Cup Finals

Riot Games has announced the change of venue for the 2022 World Cup League of Legends tournament that will take place in North America in the fall. Despite the announcement that came nearly a year in advance, Riot Games had to change the location of the semi-finals: Because of Covid19 and the current pandemic situation In fact, the time required to obtain visas to Canada has been long, a factor that can create problems for teams and players from all over the world. In fact, players from not only the Americas and Europe but also China, Vietnam and Southeast Asia, as well as Turkey, Russia and Brazil participate in League of Legends Worlds.

From Toronto to Atlanta

The problem arises when different teams win qualification for the World Championships only a month, or a little more, from the start of the competition, often arriving with numbered days to apply for a visa to a particular country. The drive that made Riot Games easy from the start By choosing a location located in a country less restrictive than Canada, which is the United States. In particular, it will be Atlanta and its State Farm arena that will host the 2022 World Cup semi-finals, the same stadium as the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA.

Will League of Legends return to Canada?

League of Legends global esports head Nas Alithaha said the appointment with Canada is only postponed:We are excited to bring the 2022 World Cup to Atlanta and State Farm Arena as part of our 2022 multi-city tour. Although we know this will be disappointing news for our Canadian fans, We are looking forward to a competitive e-sports event there as well from the future lol. We want to thank Toronto and Scotiabank Arena for their interest and understanding.”

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