“There are no hacker attacks on the Revenue Agency”

Data theft by the Revenue Agency Yesterday evening, July 25, 2022, the press release arrived from Sogei, which states that there was no hacker attack and the data was not stolen from the financial department. The alleged cyber attack has been excluded from initial investigations.

Data theft from the revenue agencyYesterday evening, July 25, 2022, the press release of sujiFinance Department Technology Partner: No hacker attacks targeted the revenue agency’s website.

The Press release on 25 July 2022 It expresses itself in the spread of news, about the alleged theft of data at the expense of the IT system of the IRS.

And according to ANSA news agency, among other things, they are suspected of being stolen About 78 GB of data.

Verifications by police station and Technical Department of Revenue Agency.

Data theft, Sogei: “No hacker attack on revenue agency”

Developments around the alleged story Data theft at the expense of the revenue agency arrived with Sogei . press release Dated July 25, 2022, he arrived in the evening.

The text of this press release reads:

“With regard to the alleged cyber attack on the tax information system, Sogei spa reported that it was one of the first analyzes made It seems that there were no cyberattacks No data was stolen from technology platforms and financial management infrastructure.

From technical examinations carried out by Sogei Therefore, the possibility of a cyber-attack on the Revenue Agency’s website is ruled out.

In any case, cooperation with the National Agency for Cyber ​​Security and the Postal Police remains active in order to provide maximum support to the ongoing investigations “

Sogei official press release dated July 25, 2022
Sogei: There are no hacker attacks on the revenue agency
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Yesterday afternoon I asked the tax authorities Checks in Sogei.

There is still a hypothesis of a smaller data theft, which is then carried out “Laundry” Professional Profile. The allegedly stolen data is that of the subject matter customers in question.

Data theft from the revenue agency, the financial department asks Sogei for clarification

Yesterday afternoon, several parties picked up the news of an alleged person Data theft from the revenue agency.

There was doubt LockBita group of hackers.

Since yesterday, checks have been underway before police station and the gods IT Technicians Revenue Agency.

He wasn’t reassuring at all, at first, Revenue Agency Press Release On July 25, 2022. Neil “clarifications” Provided that the financial department is limited to reporting that it has been uploaded immediately sujiits technology partner, from Appropriate checks.

In the press release The following has been reported:

“Referring to the news that appeared on social media and picked up by some newspapers about the alleged theft of data from the tax information system, the Revenue Agency specifies that it immediately requested a response and clarifications from SOGEI SPA, a public company wholly owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which manages the structures. The technological infrastructure of the financial management, which conducts all necessary checks.

Data theft was later denied by Sogei’s press release, but other data theft was not ruled out developments in this case.

A story that draws attention to the sensitive topic of data management and tax information.

Information in several cases in digital form to facilitate the process Digitization and simplify obligations.

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In the ongoing challenges related to the issue of privacy and cyber securityCapable tools are increasingly in demand Protect the required information For taxpayers it is used in different ways by tax authorities.

Revenue Agency – Press Release on 25 July 2022
Clarifications regarding alleged data theft.

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