There are no graphics modes for Microsoft’s console

Recently, the Crystal Dynamics team and the Square Enix team confirmed the upcoming release of the Marvel’s Avengers Designed for next generation consoles.

The latter will be available starting the next day March 18, 2021However, it appears that it will not offer the same features on all next-generation platforms. After everyone announced Details about the PlayStation 5 release of Marvel’s AvengersIn fact, an important difference appeared compared to the upgrade intended for Microsoft devices. Specifically, Sony players will be able to choose between the game mode Performas, Which prefers 60 fps, and Graphics, Which will paint the title in native 4K resolution.

For now, the projected picture for Microsoft’s new consoles looks different. Specifically, – reports Prince sultan universityXbox S Only benefit from the decision associated with 1440 pWhile older sister Xbox X Series you will enjoy 4K original. Crystal Dynamics currently has not provided specific details about the expected frame rate on the green crosshair consoles. Waiting for information on this, we remind you that with the following general correction, the software house will do a job Hawkeye DLC content will soon be available in Marvel’s Avengers, With content also expected on March 18, 2021.

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