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There are at least 3 deaths, the details

General stability with local exceptions

The return of the hurricane has been observed since yesterday Azurean, That returned to take the leadership role in the basin Mediterranean sea middle. However, the rise of this high pressure field is accompanied, especially on the Tyrrhenian side, by turbulent skies. in today’s case, These clouds are caused by some local rain On the Liguria, Where the backlogs are somewhat unfair. The sky appeared mostly calm over the sectors of the Adriatic.

More rain in the next few hours

Entry of wet currents at high altitudes on the sea surface Mediterranean sea Western and thus threatening anti-cyclone are the source of the showers mentioned above. In the next few hours, the situation is not destined to undergo significant changes, with the urgency of local rains on the shoe (Find out where). In this context, moreover, temperatures are maintained on average above the average of the period, and thus moderately moderate air is called the same high pressure.

Storm Eunice arrives in the UK

Meteorological picture envisaged in recent days before Major computing centers Particularly concerned about the meteorological authorities in United kingdomso much so that, in fact, for this day they issued the highest alert to some regions of the country, including London, who was given red dal for the first time 11 years ago office met. The wind speed reached 150 km / h in the southwestern regions between Cornwall and the Wales, According to what we learned from the siteilmattino.itThis sometimes led to disastrous consequences, as we shall see in the next paragraph.

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At least 3 dead in bad weather in the UK and 1 seriously injured

According to the same website mentioned above, the winds would have touched winds of up to 200 km / h on an island it Mark the new recording since there are detection tools. These terms bad weather An extremist, unfortunately was responsible for fatal consequences: in fact, at least 3 deaths were reported: it is a woman London (Where there is also 1 serious injury), a man near Liverpool One reported in the countyHampshire.

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